Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Ah, weekend -- HOORAY! I hope you're having a great one! Other than a little day trip to visit family, I plan on being nest-centric this weekend. I want to do some decluttering, find cute pots for this collection of awesome plants, and perhaps unleash the crockpot. I also need to get in a long run before my 10K next weekend! Meanwhile, the internet continues to be awesome -- here are 10 great reads/visuals for you:

- Hear my thoughts on family and work on the Working Motherhood podcast.

- Also, my amazing friend Jess shares on the Working Motherhood podcast what it’s really like to be a single, working mama.

- My dear friend Erin has launched a dreamy capsule clothing collection!

- Near death, explained.

- Parenting as a Gen Xer.

- Way to go Massachusetts (re: education)!

- Could you pull off a last minute trip swap?

- Don’t put yourself in a box.

- How princess culture made my daughter question my gender identity.

- STEM education: 3 of the best online engineering resources for kids.

Image credit: pumpkin pie pop tarts via Pinterest