Weekly Blueprint

bunny.jpgHappy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend! I was in California Thursday through Sunday for Mom 2.0 Summit and it was an amazing experience for many reasons (I'll be sharing some deep thoughts soon!). Meanwhile, as I sit here sipping coffee and acclimating to East Coast time, I wanted to queue you up for a fantastic week. Here are some fun events to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint.
May 7: Adventures for young chemists. (Acton)

May 7 + 9: Mother's Day crafts. (Easton)

May 7-11: Clay techniques from Korea. (Boston)

May 8: All about bunnies. (Lincoln)

May 9: For those who love diggers. (Easton)

May 9: Mom's Nite Out at 6 Massachusetts malls. (Multiple locations)

May 9: For Super WHY! fans. (Lowell)

May 9-12: A woodland Cinderella. (Brookline)

May 9-19: The Secret Garden. (Newburyport)

May 10: Pet friendship. (Boston)

May 10: Spring invitation night. (Newburyport)

May 10: All about bees. (Lincoln)

May 10: Paper crafts for mom. (Acton)

May 10-12: Fort Point open studios. (Boston)

May 10-19: The Velveteen Rabbit. (Concord)

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