Weekend Event Picks

hedgehog-joanorr.jpgHappy Friday everyone! Can you believe we're on the brink of February vacation? After three snow days, Laurel was clamoring to get back to school, and then after one day in school she was clamoring for February vacation! I hope you all have a wonderful break, whether that means traveling somewhere, enjoying down time at home, or something in between. But before we get there, here are 18 weekend events for your consideration. And I hope you enjoyed a heart-filled Thursday, however you chose to celebrate (Laurel and Violet made the sweetest cards and I cried over Laurel's poem for me).
1. Create a cup tower in honor of National Engineering Week. (Acton)

2. Jam out with Josh, part 1. (Arlington)

3. Family science days. (Boston)

4. For a cappella fans. (Boston)

5. Yay, it's Critter Day. (Boston)

6. Disney On Ice is back. (Boston)

7. A wintery island adventure. (Boston)

8. Start your engines, it's a diaper derby. (Braintree)

9. Jam out with Josh, part 2. (Brookline)

10. Multisensory nature exploration. (Cambridge)

11. Mexican Flag Day festivities. (Cambridge)

12. Puppet making party. (Concord)

13. Mmm...winter jam. (East Sandwich)

14. Another winterfest weekend. (Harvard)

15. Explore animal architecture. (Mattapan)

16. Salem So Sweet will be full of treats. (Salem)

17. Catch the tail end of the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival. (Somerville)

18. Snowshoeing for families. (Worcester)

Image credit: Ridiculously cute hedgehog push toy by Joan Orr via Etsy

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