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Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Hello friends, how's your weekend shaping up? I am totally in the holiday spirit! So far we've made ninjabread people, magic salt, cookies with kisses, and chocolate bark and we have three parties to enjoy today. And then there's wrapping presents + a Jingle Bell 5K, fun! Meanwhile, there's been some lovely goings on online; enjoy this week's Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome:

- I'm so honored to be featured in this Maker Moment series over at!

- 10 signs you are truly happy.

- Sparkly rainbow clothespins!

- I love this roundup of 9 last minute (thoughtful and stylish) gifts you can find at the grocery story.

- A pictorial farewell and tribute. {Grab a tissue or six.}

- Last night I asked Jon this important question.

- Conan visits the American Girl store. {Laughed so hard I cried.}

- Make a holiday playlist.

- 12 amazing Leonard Bernstein quotes.

- Wow, Utah.

- On the digitally documented life.

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