Best of October 2013

Happy Halloween and congratulations Red Sox! October has been such a wonderful month and I'm excited to see what November has in store! Meanwhile, one bit of tech housekeeping: one consequence of this site's redesign and migration is that pre-redesign URLs are now different than they used to be. Meaning, lots of broken links (for example, in former "best of" posts). Please use the navigation bar search above if you’re looking for anything! Meanwhile, enjoy the Best of October 2013 + some of my favorite recent pins:

At Home

- Learn fun facts about spiders

- Minion mummy door DIY

- 4 easy ways to upgrade your office

Developmental/Family Matters

- 12 ways to manage screen time for kids

- Why 40 is the new 40

- Less stress, less mess potty training

- The importance of skin-to-skin contact

- Women helping women

Fantastic Finds

- 5 favorite bento boxes for kids

- 6 cute unisex pajamas for kids

- I wear these scarves every single day

Food, Glorious Food

- Super easy slow cooker marinara

- 12 chocolate cupcake recipes

- 12 tantalizing cookie recipes

Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

- Volume 1

- Volume 2

- Volume 3

A Few Recent Favorite Pins

- I want this Massachusetts necklace.

- I now also want a baby hedgehog.

- This year I finally might try making snow globes with Laurel.

- Avoid empty calories with these filling 100 calorie snack ideas.

- Twelve handy apps for crafters.

- Would it be weird to buy this unicorn head for my office?

Image credit: Massachusetts necklace by Kris Nations