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puzzle.JPGHappy Monday -- I hope you all had a great weekend! Thank you to everyone who came out to the Milk + Bookies event on Saturday! It was so fun to read to the kids and help support the book drive, and man, the Peter Rabbit collection at babyGap is insanely cute (I had fun browsing while I was waiting for things to kick off)! Anyhow, I hope you have a great week planned. I'm excited to be back to work today and related to that, Asha and I will soon reveal something fun for Minimalist Parenting so stay tuned (or better yet, sign up for our e-mail list!). Meanwhile, here are some fun events to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
January 28: A hardware jewelry workshop for teens.

January 28: All about wolves.

January 28: Make a mess.

January 29: Hooray for National Puzzle Day.

January 30: Learn to make pasta.

January 31: Engage in icy investigations.

January 31: Groundhogs, part 1.

January 31: Groundhogs, part 2.

January 31-February 3: An underpants stealing squirrel.

January 31-February 3: A winter carnival.

February 1: Snug in the snow.

February 1-3: Winterfest.

Have an event you'd like to submit for editorial consideration? Please e-mail the event description + URL to Christine at editor{@}bostonmamas.com.

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