Weekly Blueprint

puppet-showplace-arabian.jpgHappy Monday everyone! I'm getting a bit of a slow start here after disappearing for the weekend to celebrate my sister's wedding, spend some time with friends on the Cape, and then (somewhat amazingly) take Laurel to meet up with her pen pal from Texas (who she met while in St. Thomas). On the pen pal meetup, note to all of you: the Greenway fountain is irresistible for kids to play in, and bring. dry. clothes. (I ended up buying Laurel a change of clothes off the sale rack at the Gap at Quincy Market...a clothing vendor near the fountain could make a killing!) Meanwhile, I hope you have a wonderful week on tap; here are some handy/fun ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
July 30: Salsa in the park.

July 30-August 4: Circus Smirkus catapults its way through Sandwich and Newbury.

July 31: Multicultural mask making.

July 31: Ice cream and bats.

August 1: Learn to silk screen.

August 1: An up and comer rocks Fort Point.

August 1: Boston Civic Symphony on the Hatch Shell.

August 1-4: An Arabian adventure, puppet style.

August 2: Picnic while listening to summertime music.

August 2: Summer stroll through Roslindale.

August 2: Latin music in the city.

August 3: Goldilocks, apparently with a twist.

August 3: Free access to the MFA, Norman Rockwell Museum, Amelia Park Museum, Fuller Craft Museum, and Arnold Arboretum this free fun Friday.

Image credit: Puppet Showplace Theatre