Weekly Blueprint

boston-harborfest.jpgHappy Monday -- I hope you all had a great weekend! I have a bit of a hectic week on tap, but right now my heart is simply bursting with joy for Laurel. After the camp disasters of 2010 -- through which many of you were so supportive when I wrote about transitions and behavioral issues -- I'm so happy to share that Laurel's first camp drop off since that time went swimmingly. She was happy, excited, and immediately found a girl to befriend in her group. If your kids are doing camps, I hope the transitions are going well, and if you are struggling, please feel feel free to e-mail me if you need a little solidarity! Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this fun array of events in this week's Weekly Blueprint:

July 2: Learn about compost.

July 2-4: More fun in Marblehead.

July 2-4: The Harborfest festivities continue.

July 3: Stand up and paddle.

July 4: Happy Fourth of July!

July 4: Join this water bottle rocket challenge.

July 5: Print with veggies.

July 5: A Latin music series kicks off.

July 5: Bring a picnic, enjoy a concert.

July 6: Enjoy a tale of a tall ship.

July 6: Engage with art, animals, and activities for this free Friday.

July 6: Cheer on the frog prince.

July 6-8: Party in New Bedford.

Image credit: Boston Harborfest