Weekly Blueprint

charlesbridge-books.jpgHappy Monday everyone -- I hope you had a great weekend and are gearing up for a fantastic week! The major (and somewhat terrifying) excitement at home is that Violet has discovered how fun it is to scamper up the stairs. And among my professional commitments this week, I'm super excited about Pivot tomorrow. It's going to be an amazing event, during which my incredible colleague Whitney Johnson will help attendees hone in on their dreams and figure out how to execute them. We're currently sold out (!) but I recommend hopping on the waitlist if you want to attend since we'll probably get some last minute cancellations. I hope to see you there! Meanwhile, here are some handy/fun ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
May 7-13: An original illustration exhibit.

May 8-13: Get your antique on.

May 9: All about bunnies.

May 9: It's opening night for the Boston Pops!

May 10: Enjoy this city view.

May 10: An OddAnimals workshop.

May 10-12: See The Journey of the Little Prince (the son of my friend Sheila Marcelo -- of Care.com -- is the Prince...how sweet!)

May 11: All about bees.

May 11-13: Find out whether the monster is friend or foe.

May 11-13: Browse Fort Point's spring open studios.

And some other things:

  • The United Way is looking for donated goods + volunteers for their 2nd annual community baby shower.

  • Have you picked up tickets for Drool on May 15? It will be rad.

  • Having experienced the pain of wishing for more children (before unexpectedly getting pregnant with Violet) this post really moved me.

  • In which I make a case for not waiting for maybe.

  • I really like these 7 simple ways to have a happier relationship.

  • On putting stress in perspective.

  • Last week was all about streamlining here: try this free and incredibly effective time management tool (I heard from several readers who tried it immediately and loved it!) and these 5 ways to declutter your weekends.

  • You've got until Wednesday to enter to win a pair of Dansko shoes -- GO!

  • Some helpful tips for juice obsessed kids.

    Image credit: Charlesbridge Books