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I'm Christine Koh, a music and brain neuroscientist turned multimedia creative. I'm the founder + editor of Boston Mamas, co-author of Minimalist Parenting, co-host of the Edit Your Life podcast, and creative director at Women Online. Drop me a line; I'd love to chat about how we can work together!

Weekly Blueprint

caterpillar.jpgHappy Monday everyone -- I hope you had a lovely weekend! As I mentioned last week, my brother-in-law is in town from California. His visits are always so fun and also inspire me to make lots of yummy food -- the weekend was replete with Korean barbeque and from-scratch sticky buns (I think I probably should post this recipe for you all...oh my goodness). Added bonus: I managed to get out and pick up new running shoes yesterday, which I'm quite excited about! Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic week ahead of you -- here are some handy/fun ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
Starting May 14: I totally want to join this free Caterpillar Club.

May 14: Channel your inner Animal.

May 15: Drool, baby, drool.

May 15: A festival of handbells.

May 16-20: For wine enthusiasts.

May 16: Explore the science of color.

May 17: Find ways to help your kids get beyond sibling rivalry.

May 17: Do some chores, eat some ice cream.

May 18-19: Rock the En Ka Fair.

And a few other things:

  • Asha and I would love to hear your brilliant thoughts regarding budgeting and relationships -- drop us a comment and you might find yourself quoted in our book!

  • Mother's Day may be over but it's never too late to try these relaxation tips for busy moms.

  • Pledge to play more!

  • One of favorite around the house games: roof football.

  • I want to try these pancakes.

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