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20 Things to Do When School Is Cancelled

umbrella.jpgWell, so. No school tomorrow. Last week was frightfully busy and my family is still recovering from the craziness of my fall travel, so this weekend I told myself, Don't work! Play with Jon and the girls! Work can wait until Monday! We enjoyed a lovely, lazy weekend and now here we are, with Monday (and possibly Tuesday) off. Part of me is a bit freaked out about all of the work I need to tend to, and part of me realizes I just need to embrace the adventure. So I thought I'd garner some inspiration from my own archives and also share them with you. Many of the ideas are fun to do with the kids while also being somewhat productive! Here's to hoping we've got power...and stay safe everyone!

Household tidying

I'm a big fan of engaging kids in this process...crank the tunes and go!

1. Speed clean. Give your kids a water spray bottle and rag!

2. Overhaul your closet. (I let Laurel and Violet play with my shoes while I do this.) Clean out your kids' closets too. Toss everything in bags for donation and/or consignment.

3. Tame the toys. Like the clothing, toss hand me downs in boxes for donation and/or consignment.

4. Create a staircase gallery. You probably can't finish the whole project during a day with the kids, but you can start the process. Oh, it will be so pretty!


Having kids help in the kitchen is a great way to get them involved in food prep (read: less work for you!) and also engage in a project with direct rewards.

5. Make butter. So easy. So awesome. Also, a surprisingly good arm workout.

6. Give new life to old bread. Delicious.

7. Make these brownies. Easy and fun and absurdly delicious. Laurel and I just made a batch on Friday. I won't tell you how many brownies I ate this weekend.

8. Baking seem too hard? Make cake in a mug.

9. Make me dough. (Part of the fun is yelling "me dough!")

10. Use this rosebud technique for paper pumpkins or turkeys. (Or abstract shapes. Or whatever. The fun is in the process!)

11. Hook your kids up with finger knitting. Perfect -- no jabby needles required!


Since running during hurricanes is not advised...

12. Try some of these yoga poses with your kids. Laurel's first grade class loved this!

13. Try one or more of these 8 indoor exercises. Alone or with your kids running around/under you.

On the computer

For when you get a few moments to yourself...during nap or when the kids are otherwise engaged.

14. Explore one of these ways to pin it forward.

15. Use naptime to triage your e-mail. Oh goodness, I will need to engage this technique tomorrow.

16. Treat yourself to something pretty. Like a shower curtain, organizational tray, or mirror.

All together now

Good stuff to work on together as a family.

17. Practice taking photos of your kids now that you're armed with these great photography tips.

18. Take advantage of the fact that everyone's home and get on top of (or start working on) your family calendar.

19. Brainstorm collective hobbies.

20. Talk about volunteer opportunities with your family. Perfect timing, what with the holidays coming up.

Good luck tomorrow everyone! I'll be thinking of you and hope some of these ideas come in handy for you!

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