11 Fun Weekend Picks

coolidge-corner-arts-festival.jpgOh, this awesome weather. It serves as the perfect backdrop for, well, everything! There's no shortage of fun stuff going on this weekend in and around the city (including Jon and my first date night -- to celebrate our anniversary -- since Violet was born...yay!). Here are 11 events that caught my eye (it was a strange coincidence to have back to back posts referencing the number 11, btw):
1. I felt super happy when I saw the colorful jewelry on the landing page of the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival. And the artist roster suggests that there will be plenty of other covet-worthy items to browse.

2. And north of the city, there's more artistic awesomeness to be had at the Salem Arts Festival.

3. I imagine it will be impossible to resist yelling "Opa!" at the Arlington Greek Festival.

4. The Fabulous Food Truck Festival immediately made me think of my days on the MIT campus. Except less Matlab coding and more family friendly.

5. Just the other day my friend Sheila was talking about how her kids go bonkers over the Cambridge River Festival.

6. As a former semi-pro violinist, I love that organizations such as the Chameleon Arts Ensemble offer free family concerts.

7. Laurel recently got a tea set so we've been playing a lot of tea party. I imagine a fancy tea party (and the treats from Upstairs on the Square) such as that at the Boston Center for Adult Education Mind Your Manners Tea Party would go over well.

8. I recently learned from my friend Morra that boys go utterly berserk over Touch-A-Truck events (these are the things I miss, raising girls...) such as the Charlestown Mother's Association Touch-A-Truck Day.

9. I heart the Audubon. And the owls at the Audubon Nature Festival are sure to be pretty cute.

10. If you can't make the Chameleon Arts performance, you can celebrate music at the New School of Music family music festival. (Fun fact: I learned how to read music notation at the NSM!)

11. There's always something cool going on in Somerville. This weekend it's the Carnaval @ SomerStreets.

Happy weekend everyone!

Image credit: Coolidge Corner Arts Festival