10 Bits of Web Awesomeness

say-yes-to-hoboken-freezer-stencil.jpgHello friends! Per usual, the web was replete with interesting tips and inspiration this week. Here are some links that I thought you'd find interesting -- enjoy!

1. I think I need to give these cute freezer stencils a go.

2. I'm totally on board with these five money saving tips for summer.

3. Yikes, here are some sobering statistics on food waste. But also some good tips on how to reduce it (and also save money). And more thoughts/tips on food waste here.

4. Clearly, waste (and avoiding it) is on my mind -- here are some tips for making produce last longer.

5. Print this list out and you'll be all set with summer reading for the next, like, 50 summers.

6. I know Laurel will love making this rainbow fruit plate. So cute!

7. I love this giant roundup of veggie burgers.

8. Here are some handy tips for reducing water usage while gardening.

9. Be careful when you post photos of your family online, because this might happen to you. Twice.

10. An interesting read on preemies and what to say -- and not say -- to their parents (and also how insensitive comments can affect relationships).

Image credit: Say Yes to Hoboken