Decluttering Strategies & Solutions

pottery-barn-beachcomber-basket.jpgI had a fantastic time chatting with Paige Lewin of Mudroom Boston this week on Life.Style about decluttering strategies and solutions. Paige shared fantastic ideas for conquering clutter in the kitchen, playroom, mudroom (or entryway), and on bookshelves. I finished the interview inspired to -- at the very least -- attack our two kitchen drawers full of random odds and ends this weekend. Check out the episode for full commentary, inspiration, and photos. And for easy reference, below are links that were shared during the interview. Enjoy!
Links shared during Paige Lewin interview

sistema KLIP IT storage

Toy taming strategy
Vertical open shelves
Low closed cabinets
Storage ottoman
Collapsible cubes

Bookshelf strategy

Landing strip #1
Landing strip #2
Shaker pegboard
Decorative baskets
Storage bench
Paper storage - standing
Paper storage - hanging
Pretty bowl for keys
Skirted table

Image credit: Pottery Barn beachcomber baskets