Capone's Chocolate Covered Figs

capone-figs.jpgToday, Jules shares a fantastic local chocolate find:

Mothers' Day is creeping up and while I'm constantly telling my husband to never, ever bring me chocolate for occasions such as this, this year I do want just one thing -- and it happens to be chocolate. This is the kind of chocolate that I will eat guilt free and will happily share with my kids so they can experience the beauty of quality chocolate made with natural and fresh ingredients -- not the kind that sits on a shelf in a box for weeks (months? years?) before the foil is torn away.
Capone Foods (in Somerville and Cambridge) -- purveyor of fine pastas and sauces -- recently started making their own chocolates and these treats will bring you to your knees. In particular, get yourself one (or several) of their chocolate covered figs and a glass of red wine and all will be copasetic.

In addition to the figs (which are hand dipped in dark chocolate with a peach brandy ganache filling...YUM), Capone's offers chocolate clusters (cornflakes and dried cranberries covered in dark chocolate) and chocolate dipped pretzels. They make their chocolates about three times a week and sell out every single batch, so get there early -- whether it's this coming week (because hey, every day is mother's day) or in advance of the official Mother's Day.