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Cute DIY Card Kits

diy-cards-1.JPGThis past weekend my friend Michelle hosted a Valentine's party that allowed the daughters to hang out and the moms to chat. And I loved the low-stress, communal way she structured the gathering. Michelle asked everyone to bring a food contribution and also a small token to put in each of the Valentine's goodie baskets she picked up for the girls. I decided to make cute little card kits and Laurel and I had a great time assembling them. I highly recommend something like this for favors for kids who like to craft. Here's the how-to:

Creating card kits came to mind because: a) I love giving kids craft projects that they can work independently on; and b) I knew I had everything I needed to assemble the kits in my studio (read: no extra errands!). However, it would be easy to get all of the supplies at your local craft store.

1. Decide on colorways. Since these favors were for Valentine's, I used a color palette including red, pink, purple, and white. But you could make these kits dependent on the season, holiday, your child's favorite color, etc.


2. Purchase/assemble supplies. The beauty of this project is you can include whatever you want! My kits included: 1) foldover cards + envelopes (I used A2 cards -- 4.25 x 5.5" -- and inserted three per kit); 2) solid text weight paper (this is optional I suppose, but I liked including some solid pinks and purples as contrast for the patterned papers); 3) patterned papers (this project was a great way for me to use up odds and ends in my collection!); 4) ribbons (I included five varieties); 5) cellophane bags. Glue sticks would have been a cute addition but I decided against including them because of aforementioned desire not to have another errand to run.


3. Prepare the assembly line. I cut three solid 4.25 x 5.5" text weight sheets in pink/purple per set and made stacks of the eight different decorative papers (cut in irregular rectangle sizes). Laurel put all of the different papers into stacks to make sure we had enough for each kit. I also cut lengths of four different colors/styles of ribbon and tied them together with a purple contrast ribbon.


4. Assemble! Laurel had a super fun time laying out the text weight and decorative papers. I suggested that she stack the text weight solid sheets and then try to arrange the decorative papers over them so that a bit of each paper was peeking out -- she loved arranging the paper palette! As she finished each set, I laid the decorative paper stack over the foldover card/envelope stack, topped it with the ribbon bundle, and slid it into the cellophane bag.


And that's it! The kits turned out beautifully and it was a really fun project to work on together. Laurel was so excited both to give and receive the kit she made.


In fact, the morning after the party, Laurel wanted to break into the card kit right away. Here's the first thing she made (she decided to create this without mounting on one of the foldover cards). Isn't that sweet? I love that she thought to make letters out of ribbon.


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