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appleton-farms.jpgIt's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this week. I'm both looking forward to the connection and reflection that happens around this time of year, and admittedly am also a little overwhelmed by the details of life right this second, given that there's a lot of transition going on in our household (plus, poor Violet is suffering from a bizarre full body rash right now). Anyway, I hope you all enjoy lots of relaxing time this week; here are some handy/fun ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
November 21: Start the week out getting up close and personal with cows.

November 21-22: Get what you need at the grocery store before the pre-Thanksgiving freak out on Wednesday.

November 21-22: As you go through your pantry checking off supplies for Thanksgiving, pull out extras and donate to a food bank.

November 21-22: If you're traveling: squirrel away some travel surprises via books from the library, "what's old is new" toys from your own playroom/storage, toys swapped with friends, or items procured from a local toy or craft store.

November 22: If you're traveling: start setting aside a packing pile, or keep a piece of pen and paper handy to jot down items as you remember them. I pretty much always walk around with a piece of paper in my pocket to jot down to-do's since I can't seem to remember anything these days!

November 22: Plan your holiday tabletop; procure any last minute supplies.

November 23 (through December 10): Celebrate the festival of trees in Wellesley.

November 23: Need to occupy your kids while you prep pies? Have them help make place settings or other Thanksgiving inspired décor (think turkeys made from toilet paper rolls!). Or print up and have the kids color some of these free Thanksgiving coloring pages.

November 24: Reflect and be grateful.

November 24 (through January 1, 2012): Enjoy the kick off of ZooLights at the Stone Zoo.

November 25: Go for a run, brisk walk, or hike through the woods with your family.

November 25: The Nutcracker kicks off in Boston! (You can get half price tickets here.)

November 25 & 26: Celebrate native arts and culture in Cambridge.

November 26: Check out the Macy's Christmas Tree Lighting. **see comment from Sara below re: timing

Some time this week: Destress via acupuncture. My friend Roxanna swears by this place.

At your leisure: Tackle a small decluttering project. (I'm thinking about doing a year-long weekly decluttering project!)

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