Summer School

artists-brushes.jpgToday, Jennifer recommends summer school for grownups:

School may be out for summer for your kids, but there's no reason we moms can't have our own fun! In the whirlwind of momhood, "fun" often includes everything from play dates to work to endless domestic's hard to remember that at some point in our lives, it was perhaps easier to explore our more creative side. Which is exactly why it's so important to take some time during the summer to unplug, recharge, and try something new -- and maybe something even a little scary (not in the sky diving kind of way, but in a singing lessons kind of way).
With the wonderful programs offered throughout the greater Boston area, there's virtually nothing you can't do. Seriously! Take a moonlight canoe trip, learn how to start writing that novel, get your groove on in a hip hop fitness class, take an art class, or learn to make gourmet cakes...anything that's nothing like what you do in daily life.

Here are a few great adult education programs in the area that can offer you an escape into a whole new world (at least for 8 weeks or so). I took a novel writing class this past spring at Concord Carlisle and loved it; I'm now fired up to take a short class this summer.

  • Concord Carlisle Community Education
  • Boston Center for Adult Education
  • Brookline Adult & Community Education

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