Having Fun, Doing Good

hebrew-national-card-project.jpgThanks so much to everyone who came out for the Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic I co-hosted with Audrey, Christy, and Jodi) on Memorial Day! It truly was a perfect day and everyone seemed thrilled to enjoy the gorgeous weather, unlimited hot dogs, refreshments, and activities (note to self: kids and grownups go nuts over a mechanical bull). Also awesome was the easy access to the Artesani Park playground and spray pond; along with lots of other kids, Laurel was thrilled to get in her first splashes of the season.
And given how passionate I am about community building, I was particularly moved to see the outpouring of enthusiasm for our service projects. The collection bins overflowed for Women's Lunch Place and Room to Grow, and families had a great time making Memorial Day cards (which are en route this week to the Boston VA and Operation Gratitude) and assembling the toiletry craft project for Women's Lunch Place. I am super grateful to everyone who participated, and whether or not you were able to attend, I hope you will continue to think of these awesome organizations and their needs in the future. This picnic was a shining example of how easy it is have fun and do some good for the community at the same time.

Meanwhile, there are seven picnics remaining on the Hebrew National tour if you live near or are visiting any of these cities this month or next. And as with our Boston picnic, they all will be lining up community-based service projects. So awesome.

  • June 5, 2010 - Pittsburgh
  • June 11, 2010 - Raleigh
  • June 13, 2010 - Charlotte
  • June 19, 2010 - Atlanta
  • June 26, 2010 - Tampa
  • June 27, 2010 - Orlando
  • July 3, 2010 - Cleveland

    For updates on these events, hop over to TheMotherhood's Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic page.

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    Image credit: Hebrew National Picnics With A Purpose Boston Flickr stream.