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February Vacation: Get Crafty

paintedpot1.JPGIf you’ve followed my February vacation week itinerary so far (and taken in a show, visited museums, enjoyed the great outdoors, and visited your local library), you’re probably ready to take it down a notch and relax at home. Enjoy some extra time in your jammies and get crafty with your kids. The art supply & toy and arts & crafts archives are full of ideas, but here are some great projects that require only basic supplies:

  • With an old plant pot and paints, your child can give new life to old pots.

  • With brown paper lunch bags and random paper scraps you can create a fleet of brown bag critters.

  • When I posted about Laurel's rosebud Valentines project, I loved that one commenter suggested using the same technique for spring lambs, wreaths, etc.

  • Kids will love the squishy fun of making their own play dough.

  • Got balls of yarn but can't find your needles? No problem. Enjoy finger knitting with older kids.

  • If you're feeling really adventurous, consider doing tie dye at home (I might recommend setting up the bowls in the bathtub).

  • And if you're looking for more projects that use basic household items, Kids Craft Weekly is a great resource for ideas.

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