Spring Into Green Living

earth.jpg Oh how we have earned this first day of spring! It’s thus rather fitting to blog eco today in conjunction with a blog blast hosted by The Parent Bloggers Network and Nature’s Source. PBN wants to know how parents are adjusting their lifestyles to live more naturally; the following are some of my favorite ways to spring into green living:
Keep up the good work. As you think about ways to live greener, don’t forget to celebrate and keep rolling with whatever you already are doing. (For some good starter ideas, check out these 10 green tips).

French press it. Consider phasing out your traditional coffee maker in favor of a French press. We love that our Bodum takes up less counter space, saves on coffee (due to the steeping method), and negates the need for a paper filter.

Invest in a composter. We finally bought a composter; I never imagined I’d be so excited to see produce scraps and yard waste turn to dirt.

Go soapnuts. This year I became obsessed with Soapnuts, amazing berries that offer an effective (and lightweight!) all natural laundry solution.

Get crunchy. I’ve been making a lot of granola; it’s easy and economical to make from scratch and saves on packaging waste.

Carry out. It’s not always terribly convenient but Jon and I carry out recycle-ables (e.g., gelato cups) whenever possible.

Make repurposing fun. It’s always gratifying to teach Laurel about recycling and repurposing in a fun way, such as when we recently gave new life to old plant pots.

Engage in simple kitchen acts. A Bon Appetit feature on eating green offered some great, easy tips; from that feature, we now resist the urge to open the oven door to check on baking (lost heat), opt for the knife over the food processor (save electricity, build muscle), and don't let water boil excessively (save energy).

Recycle toys. Enjoy the longevity and cost-effectiveness of used toys by procuring basement treasures or buying or selling toys via classifieds.

Go completely cloth. We’ve always used cloth napkins for our family, but I used to put out paper napkins when we had guests, probably because we don’t have cloth napkins in sets larger than 4. I no longer worry about matching sets and now always offer cloth. Laurel and her friends love the designs on her Fabkins napkins.

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If you have a favorite green living tip to share, please comment in below!

Image credit: Posh Peacock (original illustration)