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A Treat for Claustrophobic Feet


As I’ve been trolling for fall shoes, I’ve come to realize that I have something of a case of foot claustrophobia. I want barely there and easy on/off (the latter being a mom essential actually), and I’m already lamenting the end of flip-flop season. With athletic footwear, however, there’s little choice but to lace up, and thanks to a review partnership with The Parent Bloggers Network and Ryka, I’ve had the chance to test a couple of pairs of Ryka sneakers and identify which ones do and do not make my feet hyperventilate, so to speak.
New to Ryka, I was pleased to check out their collection and see a variety of stylishly designed kicks for various fitness scenarios, and learn about their commitment to women’s health and wellness organizations across the country (they're giving away 50 pairs of shoes and tees every day through October, with a “matching shoe” philanthropy program). Of their fall collection, I ended up testing both the MC2 Walk and the MC2 Run.

Given that walking is my primary mode of fitness, my initial preference was to test the MC2 Walk, but due to said foot claustrophobia, I quickly found that these shoes were not going to work for me. While the design of the MC2 Walk is better than most goofy looking walking sneakers, the shoes still felt cumbersome (as I’ve found is typical with walking sneakers). More critically, I encountered my (again) typical problem with walking shoes; that the ultra-supportive construction doesn’t allow much give in the toe box, putting painful pressure on the bunion of one foot.

After consultation with a Ryka rep about the walking shoe’s fit points, I received the MC2 Run. And while I know it’s not advised to walk extensively in running shoes, I can and will walk anywhere in this treat for my claustrophobic feet. Supportive and comfortable yet blissfully lightweight, the mesh construction both allows feet to breathe and offers flexibility for variably shaped feet. I also found the styling to be both fashionable and unexpectedly functional; the darker grey tones offer a cool, urban edge and provided camouflage when Laurel spilled chocolate ice cream all over my feet. Now that’s a shoe that works for you.

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