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The Spotted Apron


As convenient as chain coffee shops are, I won’t go anywhere near the baked goods, instead holding out for the nearest independent bakery where I can be pretty certain that “fresh baked” doesn’t mean that my treat was pulled out of the freezer earlier that morning (after spending who knows how long in transit from baked good headquarters). This afternoon, Kate writes on a lovely downtown spot to indulge both sweet and savory cravings:
“Many of us remember visiting old-fashioned bakeries as children - the smell of the frosting, the look of the display cases, the sound of butcher paper wrapping up treats that were colorful, sprinkled, and certain to make both your mouth water and your tummy ache. Most communities had their own local bakeries, and they were the go-to place for special occasion cakes, cookies for jobs well done, and last-minute party gifts. The city of Boston is now home to the modern version of just such a place, and it is a welcome addition for anyone with a sweet tooth or just a love of the sweet smell of baking. The Spotted Apron, located at the base of Cambridge Street near Massachusetts General Hospital, offers a soothing counterpoint to the hustle of Charles Circle, with creamy yellow walls, chairs, tables, and a counter along the window for people-watching. The menu offers a selection of sandwiches, empanadas, and salads, but the focus is really on the baked goods: mini-cakes (the carrot is especially terrific), cupcakes, a wide variety of cookies, scones, and muffins, all of which tempt the weary office-worker, hungry child, or two friends out for an evening. Visit The Spotted Apron, and remember everything that made childhood trips to the bakery such a treat.”

The Spotted Apron, 326 Cambridge Street, Boston; Tel: 617-624-9700

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