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Multitasking Minutes: The Squat & Edit


As Jon and I adjust to juggling his new multi-site schedule and my work needs, one car, the never ending list of household errands (requiring said one car), and Laurel’s periodic resistance to heading to her new preschool room, it seems as if we spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out how many minutes it takes to do X, Y, or Z. And this morning’s realization that I’d do well to trade sitting-in-rush-hour minutes for much needed exercise was well timed with a blog blast our pals at The Parent Bloggers Network are running in conjunction with Ryka. All bloggers are invited to submit posts today (by midnight PST) about how you stay active with kids in the mix; randomly selected bloggers will win sneakers or an entire outfit (including sneakers) from Ryka (click here for details)!
I’ve written before on finding a reason to walk, but this morning offered a particularly good example of how, if you need to get from point A to point B while crossing the urban jungle during rush hour, you might as well walk. I needed to get to the periodontist, didn’t have the car, and figured that it would take about the same amount of time to walk the 3+ miles as it would to walk to and wait at the bus stop, sit in traffic, and make it from the bus terminal to the office (same goes for fighting traffic by car and circling for a parking space). So I tossed on my sneakers and it was pretty gratifying to hoof it past the traffic and arrive at my destination with a much clearer head and the decidedly pleasant (and infrequent) feeling of fatigued legs. Not to mention that I also knocked off a couple of quick errands at the bank and post office en route.

After my appointment, I planned on taking the bus home since traffic had cleared up and I needed to get back to work, but I decided to start walking until the next bus came along. I started brainstorming about some writing and design projects, and before I knew it I had made it all the way to my favorite smoothie stop about a half mile from home, and realized that no buses had even passed by in the 3 mile stretch I’d already covered (i.e., I would have spent all that walking time waiting at the grubby bus terminal).

I used to be very committed to hitting the gym regularly, but I – like most non-celebrity moms – have found it extremely difficult to work dedicated fitness time back into my life as a mom. So instead, I’ve focused on trying to cut myself some slack over a (far) less than rock solid body, and instead create healthful opportunities in the day to day, whether it’s foregoing the car to get Laurel to school or do errands, or doing stretches while Laurel and I play with toys on the rug or out at the park. And as lunatic as it may sound, given that I log a ridiculous amount of hours at my office or art desk, I’ll even push back my chair and hold long stretches or squats while I’m writing or editing or trimming paper for a design project. It may not be terribly mindful, but these days, I’ll take what I can get.

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