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Bloomin' Tots Hats


I have not an ounce of Brit in my bones, but boy do I love the look of a plucky, pretty hat. And having a daughter offers plenty of fodder for fun hat finds, the latest being the bloomin’ tots hats by the family run business, Maggie’s Rose.

Hand crocheted of soft, stretchy cotton and embellished with big blooms, these make-a-back-to-school-statement hats will attract attention wherever you go. Laurel has the chocolate tots hat trimmed with black; the cap is cute and cozy, and the chocolate bloom (with red jeweled center) makes a fun yet dramatic statement. Laurel is crazy about this hat, and when she wore it to school for the first time the other week, she stopped every teacher we saw on our way in saying, “Look at my pretty flower hat!” And in unsolicited situations, the response from strangers has been "Look at that pretty flower hat!" High praise, indeed.
Maggie’s Rose bloomin’ hats are available in lots of pretty colors suitable for different seasons. Use coupon code mr015 to receive 15% off Maggie’s Rose products at Itsy Bitsy Baby Boutique.

UPDATE (8/29/07): Mention Boston Mamas and receive 20% off Maggie’s Rose products at Prothesia’s in Dennis, MA.

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