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Are You Her Mom?


Today, our friends at the Parent Bloggers Network are hosting a blog blast to celebrate the launch of their Body, Soul, & Baby campaign (check back next week for my review of this new book). PBN wants to know, “What's the most annoying preggo/new mom question you've ever been asked -- AND -- what's your best, snarky "wish-you-could-have-said-it" answer?

Anyone with a blog is invited to write on this topic today. Email your permalink to PBN – 2 entrants will receive an iPod shuffle and an autographed book! Meanwhile, here’s my take on the question (feel free to comment with alternate clever responses or share your own experiences if you don't have a blog):
While I certainly received my share of annoying questions/unsolicited advice regarding nursing, clothing, baby acne, excessive nose crusties, or anything else regarding how imperfectly I was handling my newborn, I think my most annoying question was/is one that presented itself in spoken and unspoken (raised eyebrow) form, and unfortunately persists to this day.

Laurel is what I like to call our little hybrid or home science project. She’s half Asian, half Caucasian and was born with a head of fine brown hair and blue eyes. The blue eyes have turned, but she’s still got brown hair that’s now showing blonde streaks from the summer sun. Definitely not too Asian looking.

Despite living in one of the US’s most overeducated cities, since birth, when Laurel and I are out and about on our own, I periodically get “Are you her mom? [Translation: Are you her nanny?]” looks or actual questions. This question bugs me out for obvious reasons, but also just seems plain weird given the wacky prevalence of Asian mom/Caucasian dad pairings that we see every day on the street.

During my nursing days, my snarky response would have been something like, “Yep, I’m the nanny. Have you seen The Hand that Rocks the Cradle? It’s kinda like that.” My current response, “I know, isn’t it totally weird? Her dad’s Asian too.”

The folks at PBN suggest, Don't you wish you could have just handed them this? Although maybe if people don’t get that interracial couples procreate, maybe they’re not up for a holistic resource on pregnancy and postpartum...

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