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Miracle Peas


We generally prescribe to the notion that, so long as you put a nutritious, balanced meal in front of your kid, your job is done (i.e., you can’t actually force vegetables down your kid’s throat; see our post on picky eaters). Still, ever since Laurel caught on to my game of sneaking minced veggies into sauces or other dishes and started pulling all bits of green matter out of her food, I can’t help but periodically wish she’d take to greens veggies better.
Not surprisingly then, it was miraculous not only to see the peas appear in our first garden (truly, given our urban cluelessness, I didn’t expect anything to actually grow), but to see Laurel subsequently gobble peas down by the handfuls; we’ve set a record now for the number of days straight that she has ingested green veggies. Whether it’s the novelty and/or involvement of growing the veggies, the fun of cracking the peas open, or the optimally fresh factor, we’re not complaining and I’m already planning on doubling our pea plantings next year. If you don’t have the time, interest, or space to garden, head to your local farmer’s market to see if they have miracle peas on the daily menu.

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