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I'm Christine Koh, a music and brain neuroscientist turned multimedia creative. I'm the founder + editor of Boston Mamas, co-author of Minimalist Parenting, co-host of the Edit Your Life podcast, and creative director at Women Online. Drop me a line; I'd love to chat about how we can work together!

Danger Rangers


From the very beginning, we’ve referred to Laurel as “Busy Legs.” She was acrobatic in the belly, squirmed and kicked continually as a baby, walked early, and has been unstoppable since discovering the vertical dimension. When she was a toddler, we quickly tired of saying ‘no’ every time she tried to climb something unstable, instead attempting to engage/distract by asking, “Does it feel safe?” or “Do you need safety?” This method stuck, and ever since, she calls out “Safety!” when she knows she needs a grown up to spot her.
For little people, everyday safety situations get more complex than chair and stair climbing, and the award winning team behind the Danger Rangers have made it their mission to create entertaining, educational materials to help parents teach kids how to make smart safety decisions on topics such as water play, the medicine cabinet, fire, and recreation. The Danger Rangers are available via broadcast and DVDs suitable for the 3-8 year old crowd. Another nice product alternative (given that Laurel isn’t into TV) is their coordinating line of storybooks and coloring/activity books.

Water Play

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