Shake Up the Grill


If you’re looking to shake up your Memorial Day BBQ, consider adding this Asian inspiration. My brother-in-law loves bulgogi (a popular Korean marinated beef dish), and when he was in town last weekend I developed a new, easy recipe that won raves around the table (shown, marinated bulgogi; click thumbnail to enlarge). This marinade also can be used for Korean kalbi (short ribs). It was pouring last weekend so grilling wasn’t an option (we pan fried instead), but bulgogi and kalbi always makes me think of my Dad, who used to transform our standard grill into a Korean BBQ by covering the grill with tin foil and poking holes in the foil with a chopstick so the thinly sliced meat wouldn’t fall through the slats.

Click here for the printable recipe PDF. Cold bulgogi makes for fab sandwich fixings the next day; if you have any leftovers, that is.