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Piggy Party


We have yet to encounter allergies with Laurel, so we’re thrilled that guest contributor Tracy is willing to share some of her knowledge, tips, and tricks from parenting a son with severe food allergies. Today, Tracy writes on the (lovely yet simple) birthday party she recently held for her younger son, inspired by If You Give a Pig a Party. The finale included a fabulous allergy-friendly piggy cake:
“At our house, we’ve enjoyed reading Laura Numeroff’s “If you give a…” series. My younger son’s favorite is the original If You Give a Pig a Pancake, but we’ve also enjoyed If You Take a Mouse to the Movies at many a bedtime. On the lookout for a theme for his 3rd birthday, I stumbled upon If You Give a Pig a Party. Voila. Instant party theme. I purchased the book, set up our playroom with a blanket fort and balloons (as shown in the book), and turned his three daycare friends and him loose to play. I kept goody bags simple, including quick, personalized foam door hangers (using pre-made foam supplies from a local craft store) and self-stick foam pigs and letters.

For the cake, I built the Fat Piggy Cake from, modifying their instructions slightly by making a layer cake with a cupcake nose, and ½ cupcake ears. The kids loved it. The cake was constructed using my super easy and yummy Wacky Cake recipe. It’s wacky because it has no eggs, butter, or milk (the recipe is believed to have its origins during the Depression when pricey ingredients like dairy products were hard to come by), yet still bakes up light and moist. And the best thing about this recipe is that it’s allergy-friendly (my older son has multiple serious food allergies).

Stay tuned for my follow-up post with tips for hosting or attending parties when food allergies are a concern.”

Click here for the printable PDF including Tracy’s Wacky Cake and frosting recipes.

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