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Bye Bye Boo Boo!


New Englanders love to talk weather, and for parents, each season requires different techniques to protect kids from the elements. Fall and spring keep us guessing about cool or warm weather clothing, winter requires obsessive bundling and lotioning, and the summer – which we got a taste of this past week – requires increased attention to skin protection.

To survive summer bugs and boo boos, consider ZenMomma’s natural skin care products for kids. Their Mane-Event hair gel and No-Fly Zone bug spray include natural oils and extracts concocted to repel bugs. The hair gel also includes lice deterring rosemary oils, and the water-based bug spray is free of DEET or other synthetic insecticides. Our favorite of their summer collection is the Bye Bye Boo Boo herbal salve (shown; $12.50). This award winning salve serves to soothe cuts, abrasions, chapped lips, diaper rash, and insect bites. Laurel wore shorts for the first time earlier this week and soon had her first scraped knee of the season. Every day since, she has asked for her “boo boo salve” for her scrape, as well as for any other bump, bruise, or stubbed toe she has incurred.

ZenMomma is offering our readers a 10% discount (applied following receipt of your order) + a free gift using code BOSTONMAMAS.

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