Christine Koh


I'm Christine Koh, a music and brain neuroscientist turned multimedia creative. I'm the founder + editor of Boston Mamas, co-author of Minimalist Parenting, co-host of the Edit Your Life podcast, and creative director at Women Online. Drop me a line; I'd love to chat about how we can work together!

Diaper Baggies


Coping with soiled diapers and clothing is the bread and butter of early parenting, and eco-minded parents will be happy to have Diaper Baggies in their arsenal. These disposable zip lock bags are made of recycled plastic, take up virtually no space in the diaper bag (especially compared to wads of leftover grocery bags), and offer an environmentally conscious, odor-trapping means of discarding dirty disposable diapers, or transporting soiled cloth diapers or infant clothing.

Available at, each package includes 40 Diaper Baggies ($5.49, 8 x 8", they’re currently offering a buy 2 get 1 free special); giraffe and flower designs are available and additional designs are in production.

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