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Christmas Treecycling


Boston is replete with college students, and as such, whenever we put used furniture on the curb for removal, we often wager bets on how long it will take for items to disappear. I used to live near Tufts University and one day when I was hauling an old rug out on trash night, a couple of students actually snapped up the item before it even hit the ground. I love this mode of recycling, which collectively saves on college student expenses, sanitation crew back strain, and landfills.

Yesterday evening, community recycling appeared to take on a new level when we put out our Christmas tree and it was gone within an hour. There were tons of trees out yesterday but perhaps ours got scooped quickly because it was completely bare and bone dry (i.e., ready to go from curb to fireplace), and we’re thrilled that the tree will fulfill another use.

Boston and Cambridge have formal notices about Christmas tree recycling (trees collected curbside during the first two weeks of January are composted); otherwise, check with your town’s Department of Public Works about tree recycling or yard waste collection dates, or completely strip your tree before you put it out in case firewood recyclers hit your neighborhood.

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