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Baby Loves Disco


Boston’s mamas sure are an organized bunch. The first two dates (1/28 and 2/25) of the eagerly anticipated Baby Loves Disco event are already sold out! Baby Loves Disco offers parents the unusual opportunity to groove with their little ones to favorite disco tunes from the 70’s and 80’s (spun and mixed by live DJs) during the post-nap/pre-dinner window (2-5pm). And when the family needs a break from the dance floor, there are other cool activities to engage in, plus snacks and diaper changing stations.

In Boston, tickets still are available for the March 25th event ($12 per walking human); otherwise, this weekend Baby Loves Disco hits East Bay, Scottsdale, and Denver. Other rockin’ cities include Boulder, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle. (If you’re a rockin’ mama or papa who wants to bring Baby Loves Disco to a city not currently on the list check out the requirements on their FAQ.)

In Boston at Revolution Rock Bar, 200 High Street, 1/28, 2/25, 3/25

UPDATE (1/31/07): Due to popular demand, tickets are now being offered for 4/29/07 and 5/27/07. Get 'em while they're hot!

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