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As Laurel and I were enjoying an unusually warm day at the park last week, another mom and I expressed – as our preschoolers ran amok around the playground – mutual concern about limited park access during bitterly cold winter days.

Drop-in play spaces are tough to come by so I’m pleased to pass on word from my mama pal Kate about Guggies in Brookline. Kate reports that Guggies is “a comfortable space with lots of toys and mats and little nooks for kids to play in, along with a whole arts/crafts area and various neat tactile displays and puzzles, games, an indoor sandbox, etc. I think it would be great for a birthday party…”

Current drop-in play and art rates are $5/hour (no charge for adults and babies under one year who are accompanying a child/sibling who is paid for); discounted rates are available if you sign on as a member. Guggies also offers 8-week art class sessions ($120) and birthday party services ($250). They are open every day of the week, although they ask that you call to check weekend availability, which is subject to party scheduling.

Guggies, 368 Boylston St. (Rt. 9), Brookline, Tel: 617-731-2388

UPDATE (6/20/07): Sadly, effective immediately, Guggies has closed their doors.

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