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Please e-mail to learn about advertisting/sponsorship options (e.g., leaderboard and skyscraper units, newsletter sponsorship, etc.). Targeted sponsorship RFPs also are welcome. 

Product Reviews

We love hearing about awesomely cool and useful products for families. Please note a few things about product reviews on Boston Mamas: 

Products featured on the site either are: A) products we have discovered on our own (i.e., purchased and loved); B) products that have been pitched to us and undergone the below review screening and submission process; or C) products that we are giving away under transparent descriptions such as Giveaway Goodness or Birthday Giveaway. Every now and then we might feature a sponsored post, but only if the item or service in question has been tested and found awesome -- we never run advertorials. 

For option A, if the item is one that is available somewhere like Amazon (or another store where we have an affiliate relationship set up), we may link the item with affiliate tracking so that if a reader clicks through and purchases the item, we make a (teeny tiny) commission. However, note that the affiliate piece is an afterthought; the awesomeness of the product comes first and we never make decisions on what to feature based on affiliate relationships. 

For option B (details about product submission are below), you may notice that sometimes we run giveaways in conjunction with an editorial feature. This is optional to the vendor; vendors are first notified that their product will be featured on Boston Mamas and then are offered the option of a giveaway if they want to build that in to the post. And of course, no payment changes hands to administer a giveaway; they're simply for fun. 

For option C, these products tend to be high value and are ones we already are familiar with (as in A) and we have partnered with the vendor to run the giveaway. However, these giveaways are not paid; we run them because we already dig the product and dig giving away cool stuff. 

Now, about product submission:

  • We currently do not review gaming devices, prefer real books to digital ones, and for home and personal care products (e.g., cleaning solutions, baby care) and food, we only consider natural/organic products.
  • Due to market over-saturation, we probably will not receive submissions for slogan tees (for adults or kids), bibs and burp cloths (unless they really stand out from the existing pack in some functional way), or embellished hair accessories.
  • Due to the high volume of product review requests and the select space we allocate to reviews (given the diversity of site content), we ask that vendors kindly review the below protocol:
    1. Send an e-mail inquiry regarding the product you would like to submit for consideration. Include the product URL (items must be available for purchase online).
    2. We will review your online material and follow up by e-mail if we would like you to submit product. If you do not hear from us, please consider placing an ad. Please be aware that the look of your website matters! Sites that are aesthetically pleasing, simple to navigate, and have clear product shots are more likely to move to product submission.
    3. Once we receive your product, it will be placed in our review queue; please refrain from checking in on the status of your review until at least 3 weeks following submission.

If you do not hear from us, please don't take offense. Note that product reviews represent a fraction of what is covered on Boston Mamas and thus we are very selective about featured items. To reach readers immediately, please place an ad.

Website Reviews

We tend not to review websites (e.g., camp resources, tutoring search engines, etc.) unless there is something particularly relevant to a story we are working on. Please feel free to e-mail the URL and your pitch; as with products, if we don't follow up, please consider placing an ad. 

We do not do blanket boutique features. If you are an online retailer who wishes to promote your boutique, please consider placing an ad or following the product review guidelines above. 

Blogger/Press Events

If you would like to invite Christine Koh to a blogger/press event, please e-mail Note that events are only considered if they are well aligned with the editorial content on Boston Mamas, and if there is no clause requiring editorial in exchange for attending an event. Blog events that make such requirements defeat the purpose of editorial coverage. Christine posts on events when she derives information that is interesting and useful for her readers. 

Two points regarding blogger/press events warrant further explanation:

  1. In cases where a company has requested travel to learn more about a company (e.g., DisneyPampers), the travel, lodging, and meal expenses typically are paid for by the company (though sometimes there are elements of the trip that are not paid for). However, as stated above, attending these trips does not guarantee editorial coverage (i.e., there is no assumed exchange of trip for editorial; hence Christine's stance on declining invitations where follow up editorial is made a requirement). Note that these events are very different from optional press events (e.g., interviewing Salma Hayek) and blog events (e.g., BlogHer). For these optional activities, Christine assumes her own expenses or any sponsorship is clearly disclosed in related posts.

  2. At local and remote blogger/press events, sometimes tokens (also referred to as "swag" — this can represent anything from a ballpoint pen to a key chain to a baby toy to a gift card) are given, although also, sometimes not. Rest assured that whether or not tokens are offered does not influence editorial decisions whatsover. (In reality, in order to dispense information in a timely manner, if Christine decides to write up an event, she usually focuses on writing before even looking at what's inside a gift bag. And she then typically farms out gifts to her contributing writers as a thank you for their efforts.)

Featured Monthly Giveaways

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Event Listings & Research Studies

Event Listings: Please note that we do not feature an exhaustive calendar listing system. Feel free to pitch events to us but note that we only make select picks on the week for editorial coverage. If you would like guaranteed exposure for your event, please consider placing an ad. 

Research Studies: Due to the volume of requests, we no longer post about research studies. If you wish to recruit for your study, please place an ad. 

Media Inquiries

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